Ford 10-Speed: No Cast Iron

When the 2015 Ford F-150 pickup debuted, it was revolutionary inasmuch as it was arguably the first volume-produced vehicle with an aluminum body—and when we say “volume-produced,” we mean volume: the F-Series is the biggest-selling nameplate in the U.S. auto market.

When the 2017 Ford F-150 is introduced this fall it will be revolutionary inasmuch as it will offer the “first volume-production 10-speed automatic.”

Just as they changed up the game with the use of aluminum for the body of the 2015, this transmission, according to Ford, will be the first that doesn’t have cast-iron components.

According to a Ford spokesperson, “the 10R80 utilizes high-strength steel and aluminum alloys. It also leverages advanced metal forming processes to maximize strength and minimize weight, as well as incorporating composite materials where it makes sense, such as the oil pan.”

The transmission is being produced at the Livonia Transmission Plant in Michigan.  Ford spent $1.4-billion to provide the capacity at the facility for the 10-speed.