The title of this book gets your attention.

The title of this book gets your attention. The subtitle hints at what Ms. Venneri, presently the chief marketing and communications officer at a telecom-based firm, and formerly with the Seattle Mariners, is really up to. She grabs your attention, then pays it off in a somewhat less raucous way, with the noun of the title ostensibly serving as an acronym that describes what it takes to get it done in today’s competitive environment:

  • B: Brave enough to take risks
  • A: Authentic enough to follow tried-and-true business practices
  • L: Loud enough to attract serious attention
  • L: Loving enough to care for your employees and customers
  • S: Spunky enough to do things differently
  • !: Inspired and excited enough to go and make things happen

It is also a term that relates to a promotion that she used at a trade show, where she distributed 10,000 balls to achieve some visibility. It worked. While she does use examples from a few companies, the man who founded the firm she works for, Who's Calling, gets a preponderance of coverage. Which may be a good thing for the company. But it leaves many other avenues unexplored.

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Her fundamental message is encompassed in one line: "We've found that being aggressive, being loud, being different, and being a little wild make our marketing dollars go much father than if we played the game like traditional buttoned-down business executives." But her company is metrics-driven, so it isn't all about just bouncing higher and brighter than the suits, even though that may be more fun—if you have the guts to do it.—GSV