Bentley Interiors with Tech Specifications

Inside the Bentley Mulsanne.

Given that a Bentley Mulsanne has an MSRP just south of the $300,000 mark, chances are seeing the inside of one isn’t something that occurs with any frequency. At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the builder showed its “Executive Interior Concept,” which it has subsequently deemed ready for production and is now available.

Creating the interior for any Mulsanne takes the com-pany’s craftspeople some 170 hours. Presumably the two new interior options, Theatre and iPad, may add a bit more time due to wiring and whatnot. The former provides a 15.6-in. HD LED screen for rear passengers to watch their favorite movies or TV shows. Downton Abbey, perhaps. There are also 8-in. screens on the headrests. As it isn’t all recreation for the rear seat passengers all the time (one needs to make some serious money to afford the car payments), there is a Mac in the trunk of the car (a.k.a., “boot”); the display is via the LED screen.

Then there is the iPad specification, which adds electrically deployed veneered picnic tables that are color-matched to the seats. Push a button and twin iPads with wireless keyboards are revealed.

For those of a more old-school approach, either the Theatre or iPad options can be accented with an additional spec, a Tibaldi fountain pen that is specifically hand veneered to match the car and is housed in a dedicated dock in the center armrest.