Audi in Space (Fictionally and Otherwise)

Although the Audi lunar quattro is being used in the science fictional Alien: Covenant movie, it is worth noting that the vehicle is actually being engineered by Audi, in cooperation with the Berlin-based group “Part-Time Scientists” ( in order to travel to the Moon.

That’s right: a privately organized trip to the Moon that’s being developed by a group of scientists and engineers, supported by an array of technology companies and organizations. PTScientists are coordinating their efforts with the German Space Agency DLR.

As for the Audi lunar quattro, they’re using their know- how in all-wheel drive, lightweight construction (remember that Audi was one of the first companies to develop the technologies required for producing aluminum-intensive vehicles and have since refined that with multi-materials expertise) and electric and plug-in hybrid motors.

The Audi lunar quattro is a real thing. It is 85 percent aluminum, much of which is printed on a 3D metal printer at Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt. Energy is provided by pivoting solar panels. The entire vehicle weighs just 30 kg.

PTScientists are developing a spacecraft, ALINA, for the 14.5-day mission. It will have a capability of transporting 100 kg of payload, so present plans call for sending two Audi lunar quattro rovers on the 380,000-km trip.