3D Scanner Enables Scan-to-CAD Design, Inspection



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Geomagic Capture from 3D Systems Corporation (3dsystems.com) is a compact, blue light LED 3D scanner capable of capturing nearly 1 million points in 0.3 seconds to create models accurate to 0.060 to 0.118 mm. The scanners come with six different software packages. The Geomagic Design X package allows the scanner to work with Siemens NX and other commercially available software. 

“This technology is simple, powerful, and turnkey—this is all about uniting the digital and physical world,” says Tom Charron, vice president of product marketing for 3D Systems. 

Charron explains that the desktop scanner makes it easier for designers to recreate, or incorporate, complex shapes into modeling. And when used as an inspection tool, Geomagic Capture provides inputs producing color maps comparing the part to the original CAD model.

The Geomagic Capture packages range in price from $14,900 to $24,900.