This zone includes interviews with top designers, information on software and design tools as well as design strategies used by automakers and automotive suppliers.

The Nissan solid-oxide fuel-cell on a test stand. Another version  is packaged inside an e-NV200 as a concept vehicle
Automotive Design

Nissan’s Ethanol-Powered Fuel Cell Vehicle

Arguably, Nissan Motor has developed what can be considered a clean-energy vehicle squared, as it has revealed the e-Bio Fuel-Cell, a prototype vehicle that is not only a zero-emissions fuel-cell truck, but one that uses ethanol to charge the 24-kWh battery.

Learning Electric

Like OEMs everywhere, Audi is working hard to electrify its offerings, whether this means hybridized or fully electric vehicles.

2016 Nissan Altima 2.5 SV

If you say to someone “The Big Three,” chances are—at least if (1) they are involved in the auto industry or (2) aren’t involved but are of a certain age—they will say “Ford, GM and Chrysler.” One of the reasons why the Big Three tag became somewhat less descriptive was the rise of the companies that had their origins in Japan, the “Other Big Three,” Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

Pump It Up

The number of electric bicycles continues to proliferate, and one, for which a Kickstarter campaign is running until November 7, has a distinct difference from many others.