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The Nissan solid-oxide fuel-cell on a test stand. Another version  is packaged inside an e-NV200 as a concept vehicle
Automotive Design

Nissan’s Ethanol-Powered Fuel Cell Vehicle

Arguably, Nissan Motor has developed what can be considered a clean-energy vehicle squared, as it has revealed the e-Bio Fuel-Cell, a prototype vehicle that is not only a zero-emissions fuel-cell truck, but one that uses ethanol to charge the 24-kWh battery.

Pump It Up

The number of electric bicycles continues to proliferate, and one, for which a Kickstarter campaign is running until November 7, has a distinct difference from many others.

Driving Cleaner, Smoother & With No Hands

While there seems to be an inevitable drive toward powertrains that are powered by batteries or hydrogen, Tim Jackson is confident that the internal combustion engine has a long run ahead of it, and not just because the installed base is so massive.