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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

A machining line deploying Heller equipment installed at Detroit Diesel was specified at order to take into account the possibility of retrofitting and upgrading the line to extend its capability over time.

Retrofit or Replace?
Retrofitting by design can maximize machining center value.

Coating & Machining for Better Bores
Heller is working on productionizing what it calls “CBC”—Cylinder Bore Coating.

Powertrain Machining Approaches—Then & Now
Although production volumes are going up, the need for flexibility in powertrain machin-ing has grown more important. Here’s a look at how things have changed.

New Process Developed for Gear Machining
Heller Machine Tools and Voith, a Germany-based transmission manufacturer, have developed a process that permits the pre-milling and milling operations to produce bevel gears and gear components on a five-axis machining center rather than on a dedicated gear-making machine.To produce gears, they start with the drawing of the part.

A Sampling of Speed: Some Fast Machining Centers
Although people often talk about the flexibility of machining centers, one aspect that shouldn't be overlooked is that some of them offer the ability to go fast. Here are some of them. None are particularly exotic, but they surely can be productive.

Removing Metal
Although there is an increased use of non-metallic materials in cars and components, there are still plenty of steel, cast iron, alloys, aluminum, magnesium, and other metals being transformed into parts on the one hand and chips on the other. Here's an array of equipment that can help make metal removal fast, accurate andefficient.