Dana Corporation

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Spicer Driveshaft Division


As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

Welding Mixed Materials, Multiple Ways
As OEMs and suppliers seek lightweight solutions to meet higher fuel economy standards through multi-material structures, conventional welding techniques are beginning to give way to new solid-state joining methods better suited for creating strong bonds between dissimilar metals.

Dana: Competing with Technology and Synergy
Dana Corporation, the $7.9-billion automotive supplier, is headquartered in Maumee, Ohio.

Marriage of Metals and Magnets
A new magnetic-pulse welding process for joining ferrous and non-ferrous metals is allowing Dana's Spicer Division to create lightweight bi-metallic driveshafts. After seven years of research and development, a fully functional prototype machine is performing well enough that it's only a matter of time before a production version hits the factory floor.

Chrysler's Return To Brazil: It's All Relative
While the world has focused on Chrysler's up-coming merger with Daimler, the company has also focused on its relationship with Brazil. In particular, the relationship between its newly dedicated Dodge Dakota plant and its suppliers, among others. --By Colleen Dejong, Senior Associate Editor

A Pressworking Potpourri
There is plenty going on in the pressworking arena. Here's a look at some of the developments that may help you improve your operations.