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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

Open to Opportunity in Functionality & Connectivity @ Conti
In just over 100 years, the interfaces on vehicles have gone from a simple needle on a numbered dial to a plethora of information.

Continental: Engineering the Future
You can let the future happen, or you can help shape it. When it comes to automotive technology, the people at Continental are pursuing the latter course in a massive way.

Cars Talk - With the Outside World
Telematics technology is advancing rapidly, so that communications both to and from vehicles can lead to safer, more efficient driving.

Continental: Heads Up
Working toward improving driver safety and the overall driving experience, Continental is developing advanced technology that makes heads-up displays even more useful. Why heads-up displays? Because drivers keep their eyes where they belong, on the road ahead.

Continental Helps Create the Vehicular Future
Addressing things like mobility, the environment and connectivity, Continental is developing game-changing technology for the automotive future--and that future, in some cases, is at hand.

Sensors: More, Not Less (Number & Usefulness)
The number of sensors on the average vehicle continues to rise, but it’s how you take that information and relay it to the driver that really matters.

Talking Infotainment & Connectivity
Kieran O’Sullivan of Continental talks about how changes in tech will make in-vehicle information and entertainment more accessible.

On Electronics - January 2011
Accelerometers for AirbagsA family of high-g acceleration sensors able to detect rapid deceleration of vehicles during a crash has been developed by STMicroelectronics ( These "AISI DS" peripheral-sensor accelerometers provide single-axis, in-plane motion sensing from ±20 to ±400 g.

Continental's Connected Safety Focus
More than 28,000 people were killed in passenger vehicle accidents in the U.S. in 2007, with another 2.2 million injured, resulting in a $230-billion drag on the economy.

PT Cruiser Convertible
Designing, Engineering & Making The Drop-Top


ESP Made Simple & Some Implications of Electronics
As automotive supply companies provide sophisticated systems that aid drivers, they are discovering that electronics technology is driving what they do. Here's a look at one technology and one supplier's approach.

Developments That Can Change Design & Production
Here are some technologies that are making their way out of the labs and onto the roads that have implications about how components are designed and vehicles are built.