Robert Bosch Corp.

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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

Volkswagen's e-Golf: Adding Electric Power to the Golf Lineup
You can buy gasoline engines. A diesel. And now a Golf that is a full electric vehicle. Here’s a look.

Your Really Smart Car
Vehicles are being engineered with a silicon infrastructure that does everything from control the powertrain to allowing remote connections—including the possibility of hacking.

Ford EcoBoost V6 engine

Ford's Better Idea: Improving the IC Engine
As the Advanced Engine Design and Development Manager at Ford, Brett Hinds has been leading the team there that developed the "EcoBoost" engines.

Nearly Steer-by-Wire
What Is It?Active Steer is as close to steer-by-wire as you can get in production.

Suppliers Talk about E-Business: It's Becoming Business As Usual
The exaggerated claims have been quieted. E-business has now become, for some companies, another tool to help achieve better efficiencies. Here's what some companies are doing with this tool.

Fuel Injector System

BOSCH Briefly
Here are some aspects of one of the world's leading automotive supply companies, one that is broad-based (product-wise and geographically), investment sensible, and forward-looking.