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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

Looking at Some Robot Tech
If you were to see the actual version of this, the MotoEye LT laser seam-tracking device for tracking weld joints at high speed and in real time from the Motoman Robotics Div. of Yaskawa America (, you wouldn’t see that red triangle emerging from the bottom of the camera, the SF-D camera from Servo-Robot.

Robotic Quartet: Digital & Real
Among some of the newer products being offered by robot companies are software-based systems, which shouldn't be too surprising nowadays. Of course, work beyond manipulating digital information still needs to get accomplished, so there is also new iron...

Looking at Waterjets
Waterjet systems have come into their own for a variety of material cutting applications, whether it is for carpet and headliners or for door panels and instrument panels.

ABB & Applying Paint
Although ABB may be known to some people because of the innovative management approach of the global company or as a leading builder of industrial robots, it is both—and more. It also offers a complete portfolio of painting technology. Here's a look at some of it.


Virtually Assembled
Long gone are the days of providing "best guess" assembly plans. Today's virtual reality-based software systems provide a way to assemble components and correct mistakes before a part is even prototyped.