Objects of Interest - September 2007

LED-Based Inspection SystemSCHOTT’s (www.us.schott.com) Surface Mounted Display uses high-brightness LEDs for high-volume web scanning and diffuse surface inspection for part quality and defects.

LED-Based Inspection System

SCHOTT’s (www.us.schott.com) Surface Mounted Display uses high-brightness LEDs for high-volume web scanning and diffuse surface inspection for part quality and defects. Available in lengths ranging from 300-1,000 mm, the system enables manufacturers to generate focused and homogeneous lines of light with working distances of 50-100 mm. Heat is managed by a convection cooling system that utilizes heat sinks and fans, while an optional water cooling system is available.


Signal Control Module

The 857 series Jumpflex relay modules and signal controllers from WAGO (www.wago.us) offer a systems approach to signal switching and conditioning in a compact 6 mm wide package. Designed with a jumper slot at every connection point and pluggable relays, Jumpflex can operate in extreme heat conditions up to 158oF with signal transmission accuracy of <0.1% of full scale.


Five-Axis Milling CAM

Delcam’s (www.delcam.com) PowerMill 8.0 software features a new tool-axis editing function for five-axis machining, allowing the user to select any region of the tool path and redefine the vectors within that region, optimizing cutting conditions and improving performance. Automated functionality has also been added to speed programming of blisks, blades and impellers, while the user interface has been streamlined so that both tool simulation and machine tool verification can be controlled from a single tool bar.


Screwdriver With Torque Readout

PB Swiss Tools’ (www.pbtools.us) DigiTorque v2.0 screwdriver provides a digital torque readout in either Nm or ft.-lb. increments via an LED display positioned at the end of the handle, which is switched on by pressing the display with automatic turn-off after 20 seconds to ensure a 10-year guaranteed battery operating life. DigiTorque v2.0 can function with more than 40 interchangeable blades.


Right-Angle Gear Reducer

Alpha Gear Drives (www.alphagear.com) says its new LPK+ right-angle gear reducers provide high power density and improved operating efficiency for robotic loading/unloading and packaging. Available in five sizes with acceleration torques of up to 250 Nm, LPK+ torsional backlash is limited to 10 arc minutes. The peak speed is 6,000 rpm.


Robotic Welding System

Motoman’s (www.motoman.com) ArcWorld C-500 workcell features an integrated cylindrical robot safety enclosure that allows the operator to work safely in direct proximity to the work area; the robot can access parts through an opening in the front of the enclosure. Two new headstock positioners with 110-mm diameter through-holes for tooling connections are integrated into the robot riser, which reduce overall footprint of the cell and provide the capability of handling 1,984.5-lb. payloads.


Indexing Units and Rotary Tables

Indexing Technologies (www.indexingtechnologies.com) ITI Exact indexing units and rotary tables improve productivity by reducing the load/unload time and the ability to exchange two or more piece parts each time the machining cycle ends. Available with 2, 3 and 4 faceplates, the tables are designed for heavy-duty operations with fixed indexing using 3-piece Hirth coupling or universal versions for contouring and infinite positioning.


Five-Axis Machining Center

Mikron HPM 1850U traveling table-type machining center provides five-axis machining for pieces up to 56.5 ft3 in volume. Its pallet size is 49.2 x 39.4-in. A direct-drive milling head is fitted with a high torque motor producing 35-kW spindle output at 15,000 rpm with more than 190 Nm of torque. The machine’s iTNC 530 Heidenhain control provides free contour programming, freely definable sub-programming, and pre-set work cycles for automation during unmanned hours.


Accurate, Affordable Tooling Setup

Lyndex-Nikken’s (www.lyndex-nikken.com) E123 Presetter is an economical and capable system for tooling measurement and inspection. Features a granite base and column construction. A fixed rotating spindle incorporates six mini-bearings with radial concentricity error compensation, while the LCD touch screen vision system provides full-color imaging for automatic measurement for both radii and angle values.