Objects of Interest - August 2007

Conveyor Systems QC Industries’ (www.qcindustries.com) Flextrac plastic chain belt conveyor system features load capacities of up to 550 lb. and speeds of up to 375 fpm, boosting overall efficiency when compared to standard flat belt conveyors, with an overall profile of just 2.4 in.

Conveyor Systems

QC Industries’ (www.qcindustries.com) Flextrac plastic chain belt conveyor system features load capacities of up to 550 lb. and speeds of up to 375 fpm, boosting overall efficiency when compared to standard flat belt conveyors, with an overall profile of just 2.4 in. Featuring lube-for-life bearings, the Flextrac conveyors are maintenance-free and can be ordered with widths of 4-24 in. and lengths of up to 100 ft.


Welding Robot

FANUC Robotics’ (www.fanucrobotics.com) ARC Mate 100iC intelligent welding robot features internal routings, allowing the dress package to follow the motion range of the robot, which simplifies programming and eliminates possible bending, snagging or breaking of cables. The controller can be integrated in a welding system that includes the weld torch cable, wire feeder and welding power supply. A 15% increase in acceleration provides higher motion performance, while the 10-kg payload represents a 67% increase over the previous model.


Wrench for Engineers

Stanley Proto’s (www.stanleyproto.com) new line of Engineers’ Wrenches and Leverage Wrenches feature upgraded designs for ease of use. The Open-end Engineers’ Wrenches include 15o head sets allowing quick repositioning, while the longer lengths—up to 23-13/16 in. long—improve high leverage and extend users’ reach into hard to access locations. The Leverage Wrenches range in length from 2-14 in. and are designed for use with detachable handles up to 33 in. long.


Low-Cost, High-Def Engineering Displays

Mersive Technologies’ (www.mersive.com) m11 Stylus line of ultra definition displays provide a rear-projection 11 million pixel palette on a 14 x 5-ft. viewable screen surface, the self-contained display occupies only 36-in. of floor depth for ease of use in small work areas to review 3D design models, computational fluid dynamic data and still images.


Laser Marking

Columbia Marking Tools (www.columbiamt.com) 10- and 20-W pulsed laser marking systems are said to have a more compact design than comparable systems. Units are air cooled. Combined with Columbia’s E-Z Mark software, the laser system can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements, including UID/2D marking with vision system verification.


Industrial Cameras

Lumenera Corp.’s (www.lumenera.com) Lw570 and Lw575 series of 5 megapixel CMOS cameras are designed to improve the quality of images produced in low-light industrial and scientific environments. The cameras offer frame rates of up to 7 fps at full 259 2x 1944-resolution and up to 60 fps through sub-windowing. Uncompressed images and streaming video are provided across a high-speed USB 2.0 digital interface with no frame-grabber required.


Simplifying Application Transfer

GE Fanuc Automation’s (www.gefanuc.com) Portable Program Device (PPD) stores PLC applications without the need for a PC. PPD allows users to easily upload and download controller configuration and logic to/from any USB memory stick using a USB connection by connecting directly to the communications port of the controller, paving the way for application programs to be emailed or directly on a memory stick, saving time and money.


Five-Axis Machining Center

Mikron’s (www.mikron-ac.com) HPM 1350U five-axis machining center features a 53.15 x 35.43 x 29.53-in. work area, as well as a 43.42 in. diameter rotary/tilt table that can handle up to 3,306.9 lb. A direct-drive high torque motor provides spindle speeds up to 15,000 rpm; the machine is available with a 24,000-rpm spindle.


Leak Test Instrument

Cincinnati Test Systems’ (www.cincinnati-test.com) Sentinel I-24 utilizes proprietary test algorithms on a 32-bit processor to improve accuracy and speed. I-24 is compatible with a number of communication formats, including Ethernet, USB port or RS323.


Rotary Encoders

Heidenhain’s (www.heidenhain.com) Rlx 400 Series rotary encoder line can be integrated into an automated machine’s motion control system. Available in both single-turn and multi-turn variants, the inductive-type encoders reduce overall system cost while allowing users to attain a 16-bit single-turn resolution with a measuring step of 20 angular seconds for speed control with an accuracy of +/- 480 in. for positioning.


Manufacturing Display

Syscon-Plantstar (www.plantstar.org) takes production and process monitoring to the next level through the integration of LED display boards linked with the company’s real-time operation monitoring database system. The displays can range from 57.6 x 9.5 in to 202 x 56.7 in. and can display machine state, average cycle time, process reading and scrap quantities. A Slim Depth LED Engine Wide screen DLP HDTV system is also available up to 61 in. complete with the ability to display web browser-based screens.


Die-Sink EDM

ONA EDM USA’s (www.onaedm.com) large format automated die-sink FlexPro Series EDM uses modular componetry so the system can be tailored to individual needs at the cost of a standard machine; delivery times can be cut by 70% compared to custom machines. The FlexPro features single or dual heads, C-axis and tool changer options, 50 combinations of X-Y-Z axes travel (up to 118 in.), a fixed bed capable of holding up to 55,000 lb., cast iron meehanite modules and multiple power suppliers (100, 200 or 400 amps).


Safety Switches

Omron Scientific Technologies’ (www.sti.com) D40A non-contact door switch uses high-visibility two-color LEDs to provide “at-a-glance” status of guard door actuation. The switch can be mounted to accept the actuator on either the left or right side without having to change the location of the cable, while a single controller can monitor up to 30 D40 switches.