Wood By Land and Sea

Gary S. Vasilash

This is ziricote wood:

Lincoln logs

More specifically, it is ziricote wood on the inside of the 2015 Lincoln Navigator, Reserve Package. The Navigator will be going into production late this summer at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville.

So why the picture of the material that’s being used for door, instrument panel, center console, and steering wheel trim?

Because according to Lincoln, this is the first automotive use of the hardwood found in South America, southern Europe, and northern Africa. Apparently, the wood is generally used for things like yachts.

Think of the lush Navigator as a land yacht, perhaps.

The wood isn’t stained or dyed. There is a thin protective coating only. “Altering the ziricote wood would blemish its beauty,” said Barb Whalen, color and material design manager at Lincoln.

She also pointed out: “You will see a family resemblance from vehicle to vehicle, but because this is a natural product, no two Navigators with the Reserve Package will look exactly the same.”

At least not on the inside.

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