White + Black + Silver = Grey

Gary S. Vasilash

The old line “Watch what I do, not what I say” comes to mind relative to the recent BASF annual automotive color trend report, which basically tries to determine what colors will be popular two to three years out among car buyers.

Said Paul Czornij, technical manager, BASF Color Excellence group, “We look to develop color spaces that capture a look that says ‘this is me.’ There is so much emotion and psychology attached to color, which makes it an ideal expression of one’s image to the outside world, and it works so remarkably well with car body shapes.”


Aspire to North America 2013 Dequalize North America  2013 

Multiverse North America  2013 Syncopace North America  2013

Seems as though what people are saying in actuality is “This is me in a stealth-colored vehicle.”

That is, according to survey results, BASF discovered that 60% of the people in North America drive a neutral color car: silver, black or white.

When asked what color offerings they preferred, when shown a selection of new colors from BASF, 49% “selected a grouping of brighter jewel-toned shades of reds and blues.”

Czornij suggested, “This reflects what our color trend research is showing for color preferences. It underscores the preference for optimism and confidence pointing toward a better future.”

Or it may reflect the behavior that many people have when sitting in a dental chair and having the dentist ask, “So, how often do you floss?”