VW XL 1 Wins Design Award

Gary S. Vasilash

The Design Museum in London has announced the seven category winners for its annual Design of the Year Award (the categories include architecture, digital, fashion, furniture, graphics, product, and transport), and the one taking the prize in the transport category is the Volkswagen XL 1.

XL 1 a Which is completely understandable, as the judges are looking for “cutting-edge innovation and original talent,” and if there’s one thing about the XL 1, it exhibits both of those characteristics in a big way.

XL 2 b

The composite-intensive hybrid, which seats two, achieves a world-leading 261 mpg. The vehicle weighs just 1,753 lb.

And it is worth noting that the VW XL 1, while not a mass production vehicle, is not a one-off.

XL 1 c