VIDEO: Polygonal Turning


Several months ago in our PM Inbox Insight monthly e-newsletter, I wrote about Schwanog’s polygon turning tools. These cool cutting tools require no spindle stop, thus providing the potential for considerable time and part cost reductions, versus milling operations, when producing radii.

Since writing that column about the product, Schwanog has added a visually descriptive animated video to its website that clearly shows how the process works. The part and tool are turning and require the same conditions as when turning flats. A corresponding driven tool or a tool spindle turns synchronically to the main spindle. The turning direction of the tool and the cutter are then reversed, in comparison to polygon turning of flats, so that the part and the cutter run in the same direction. Because of the higher circumferential speed of the tool, the cutter passes the part, and a radius is established on the turned part.

YouTube video (above) of the polygonal turning process (not with the Schwanog tools) shows an actual finished part.