Uyemura USA Becomes Certified Supplier Of eSurface


Ontario, California-based Uyemura USA has been named a certified supplier of eSurface Technologies manufacturing process for printed circuit boards.


“This is an opportunity to integrate our industry-leading technology into the eSurface process and be a vital part of the where the PCB industry is headed,” said Don Walsh, Director of Operations for Uyemura USA.


He said that Uyemura’s Thru-Cup electroless copper with its proven build rate of a mil or more in under eight hours will be a game-changer for the PCB industry.


“Its unprecedented speed, along with high tensile strength and the ability to adhere directly onto epoxy laminate, will prove to be a substantial advantage for eSurface customers,” said Walsh, whose company provides exceptional, problem-solving, finishing technology solutions, including PCB finishes, ENIG, ENEPIG, ENEG, ENAG, and much more.


Dave Benson, president of eSurface Technologies, said having Uyemura on board as a certified supplier is a natural fit.


“Uyemura’s superiority in the areas of surface coatings and finishes streamlines the eSurface process for our licensees, extends the ‘greening’ of our process and also opens the door for eSurface with existing and future Uyemura customers,” Benson said.


Under the terms of the multi-year certified supplier agreement, eSurface and Uyemura will co-market the respective company’s products and services to existing and future customers and provide existing customers and licensees with products and services, as appropriate.


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