TRW’s Latest Tech Center

Gary S. Vasilash

Further evidence of how the center of gravity is perceptibly shifting to the East (assuming, of course, that you’re in the West): last Friday TRW Automotive, which is headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, opened its largest technical center, which measures 710,418-sq. ft., in Anting, China.

TRW Automotive Technical Center

Why? Simple. As John C. Plant, TRW chairman and CEO, put it, “With the number of cars on the road in China expected to double by 2020, the issues of improved vehicle safety and education, for both drivers and other road users, have to be a priority for the industry.

“TRW will continue to invest in these areas—with the new Anting Technical Center being our latest milestone for bringing automotive safety systems to the Chinese market. From electronically controlled braking and steering systems, to semi-automated driving, the Anting Technical Center positions us well to serve our Chinese customers’ vehicle safety needs today and well into the future.”

The tech center is built to house more than 20 scientific testing labs and will employ more than 1,200 engineers, researchers, and technical staff. Areas of research include braking, steering and suspension, occupant safety, and safety electronics.

Last year, 21.98-million vehicles were sold in China. Yes, that’s gravity-shifting.