Gary S. Vasilash

Although lots of people seem to think that the name of the game today is small, hybrid, and/or electric vehicles, in point of fact, in the U.S. market, full-size pickups are gaining an increasing amount of momentum. Sure, their numbers were greatly reduced during the Great Recession, but the comeback has been nothing but astonishing. Ram, F-150 and the Silverado/Sierra are all racking up sales numbers. The first-named was extensively enhanced for the 2013 model year. The F-150 will undergo a transition that may have significant changes vis-à-vis materials selection. And the 2014 Silverado/Sierra are all new.


2014GMCSierraReveal03.jpg(Photo: Steve Fecht for GM) 


Jeff Luke is the GM executive chief engineer for Global Trucks. Which means that the Silverado/Sierra are under his watch. As are the midsize Colorado (launched in Thailand, and coming to America) and TrailBlazer (no, not the one you may think, but actually a product based on the Colorado).

Luke talks with John McElroy of Autoline, Peter DeLorenzo of Autoextemist, and Gary Vasilash of this about the development of the 2014 models—everything from the design to the steel, from the features to the powertrain—as well as a variety of other truck-related subjects. For example, Luke says that they’re looking at alternative fuel possibilities for the trucks—as in CNG and propane.

And before Luke comes on the set, McElroy, DeLorenzo and Vasilash explore a variety of subjects, from Carlos Tavares leaving the COO position at Renault to why Ford increased its Fusion production capacity at its Flat Rock Assembly Plant so that it now has the possibility of building 30% more Fusions even though the demand so far this year has been for 13% more cars (and of the vehicles sold calendar year through July, 33% have been going to low-margin fleets).

And you can see it all here.