Triumph Motorcycles: Who Knew?

Gary S. Vasilash


Here are some things that you probably didn’t know about British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph (we didn’t, either):

Street Triple Crystal White

1. It is 110 years old. Triumph was established in 1902.


2. It is the largest British motorcycle manufacturer. It produces approximately 50,000 bikes per year.


Street Triple Imperial Purple


3. It designs four new models per year, and within its range, it develops a variety of updates throughout the year.


It is largely because of the second and third items on the list that Triumph has decided to implement a full-blown product lifecycle management system, Windchill from PTC.

While it has been using PTC’s Creo Parametric for product design and its Pro/INTRALINK for data management, according to Geoff Hurst, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. chief information officer, ““We had used Pro/INTRALINK to its maximum capacity and, after a business evaluation, decided to deploy Windchill as a single, comprehensive PLM system to support the entire design from early-stage product development to manufacturing. We believe we will see a significant improvement in the design, production and manufacturing development times.”

And whether it is two wheels or four, as time is money. . . .

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