Trend in Two-Shot Molds

MMT's 2013 Leadtime Leader Winner Tech Mold is reporting that they are seeing more demand for two-shot molds as customers look for ways to reduce cost-to-manufacture and improve quality by eliminating secondary operations.

So at its Tech Mold East location next month, they are putting into service a newly purchased Milacron NT330 Powerline (all electric) Maxima (multi-component) injection molding machine. This machine is adaptable for both single- and two-shot capabilities, and has an 8.0-ounce primary shot size and a 7.6-ounce second shot size, and a 900mm rotary turntable.    

They purchased this machine specifically to fill a gap in their clamp tonnage capacity at Tech Mold East, as well as to accommodate high-cavitation, small parts molds for their medical customers, according to Vince Lomax, Tech Mold Vice President. 

“The two-shot capability gives us greater flexibility, as well and more opportunities to perform mold testing and process validation in-house,” he notes.

The company also added a new Husky Hylectric H400-RS55/50 injection molding machine with 440 U.S. tons clamping pressure and a 19.5-ounce shot size. The machine, put into service in July, is also equipped with several high-performance enhancing features and options that provide value-added support to better meet customers’ requirements.

The addition of the two presses will bring Tech Mold East to a total of seven presses with tonnage ranging from 40 to 440 tons. Tech Mold East offers full mold testing and process validation, either on TME’s presses or on presses shipped in by the customer. TME also performs full automation integration for the development of molding cells, including in-mold labeling and secondary operations cells. Tech Mold East also offers a secure facility for intellectual property protection and private offices for customers’ engineering staff.