This Is Not a Car

Gary S. Vasilash

This, obviously, is not a car, truck or other motorized vehicle:

Citroen chocs

It is actually two pastries, the “chou DS” and the “chou-colat croustillant” created by Philippe Conticini, a Michelin-starred chef (back when he was at Petrossian) who is presently the co-founder and head pastry chef at Pâitisserie des Rêves in Paris.

Conticini created them for Citroën, specifically for DS World Paris, which is, to put it baldly, a car dealership in the chichi part of Paris. The “DS” relates to the DS car model.

More to the point, the pastries were created for Easter. So if you can go to 33 rue François tomorrow (April 12), or next Saturday, April 19, you will be able to taste (and buy) these automotive inspired confections at the facility’s pastry bar.

(Said Julien Faux, director of DS World Paris, of Conticini and his choux, “We are delighted and proud to welcome a world-famous pastry chef to DS World Paris. His expertise and creativity echo the DS world and models, targeting customers looking for forthright choices on styling, sensations and refinement.” And I’ll bet you thought those customers were just looking for a new car.)

DS DS Faubourg Addict trim