Thinking Like a Customer


The company’s recent $2.5 million investment in a new molding technologies division included an Engel duo 1650 combi press and a 24,000-square-foot facility addition to house it.

Just as I'd suspected, bringing comissioning of multi-shot plastic injection molds in-house is expected to help streamline the overall manufacturing process at Prospect Mold & Die Co. But when I interviewed company President Brandon Wenzlik about Prospect's new molding technologies division, that almost seemed like a side issue.

Granted, Wenzlik was open—and happy—about the potential of eliminating delays and back-and-forth shipments during the mold commissioning phase. His emphasis, however, wasn't on the benefit to Prospect. Rather, he focused on the benefits that the new service would provide to customers.

Of course, I did my best to cover both sets of benefits in this brief article. Still, this anecdote about how Wenzlik approached our conversation struck me as worth repeating. As is the case for any business, Prospect's own success begins with its customers’ success. That's worth keeping in mind for any shop considering the addition of new services and equipment.