Things You Can Learn from Telematics

Gary S. Vasilash


One of the things that embedded telematics systems in cars does is allow the accumulation of data that provides some clues regarding driver behavior.

Hyundai, which offers Blue Link in most of its cars, a system that facilitates everything from making service appointments to getting help in an emergency, a technology service with some 400,000 subscribers, recently released an array of numbers related to how its system is being used.

A few of them seem. . .telling.

For example, the top-five cities with the most Automatic Collision Notification:

1. Las Vegas

2. Saint Petersburg

3. Miami

4. Brooklyn

5. Staten Island

The top-five states with the most Stolen Vehicle Recovery requests:

1. California

2. Florida

3. New York

4. Texas

5. New Jersey

(Blue Link-equipped vehicle recovery rate: 88%.)

The top-five restaurants searched:

1. Italian

2. Mexican

3. Starbucks

4. American

5. McDonalds

Top-five states with Weather usage in March 2013:

1. Wyoming

2. Alaska

3. West Virginia

4. Kentucky

5. Montana

Top-five states with Remote Start usage in March 2013:

1. Alaska

2. Wyoming

3. Iowa

4. Montana

5. Minnesota

Off all the findings, that is probably the least unexpected. Do you want to go out and start your car in Alaska in the middle of March?