There's an App for That

A familiar phrase that brings to mind a familiar sight: the touch screen.  The use of touch screen controls for their user friendliness is an emerging trend, but when it comes to DMG MORI SEIKI's new CELOS technology the touch screen is only the beginning of its innovation.

At a quick glance CELOS provides the user with a standardized user interface with touch functionality, but it is so much more than that. With CELOS operators no longer need to get to know the technology first since they will already be familiar with the format, but they still need the knowledge to analyze and react to the data  CELOS provides.

CELOS is "intelligent production simplified and stabilized," giving operators more authority and the ability to achieve paperless production. It simplifies and accelerates the manufacturing process from the idea to the finished product, and its APPS offer the user "consistent management, documentation and visualization of order, process and machine data," according to DMG MORI SEIKI.

The status monitor visualizes the current condition of the machine regarding the process, and provides important key figures about the current order and order progress, and informs the operator with special icons and text messages about possible NC errors or imminent maintenance work.

When it comes to the CELOS Apps, the user is supported with a process-oriented menu structure, and thanks to the touch functionality, the user gets to the "APP Selector" with a single touch. Similar to a smart phone or tablet, the user has direct access to all available apps, which are differentiated according to their application and can be selected with a single touch via the "APP Selector".

At the EMO 12 CELOS APPS were available (for example "Job Manager," "Job Assistant" and "Status Monitor") that support machine operators with network-integrated preparation, optimization and systematic processing of production orders (with workpieces, equipment and NC programs).

CELOS is available for all new high-tech machines by DMG MORI SEIKI. First deliveries will be in the second quarter of 2014.