The Meaning of the Five "M's"

Man, material, machines, methods and metrics. What does this refer to? A suite of technologies, hardware, software and services focused on returning leaked profit to a company's bottom line. 5ME, a newly developed business comprised of the non-machinery units of the former MAG IAS, was started to aid manufacturers of any size in finding hidden profits from production operations.

5ME addresses five critical components – the five "M's" of man, material, machines, methods and metrics – to improve a manufacturing enterprise's efficiency (the "E"). Its suite of technologies, hardware, software and services is applied as an all-inclusive solution.

"This is a comprehensive, analytical approach to manufacturing that results in higher productivity, improved quality and lower working capital. We are brand and process agnostic, and therefore able to work with all types of machinery and manufacturing systems," says Pete Tecos, 5ME's Executive Vice President for Marketing and Product Strategy.

Led by President Bill Horwarth, and other top managers, engineers, and employees from the former company's tooling, services and software businesses, 5ME brings a suite of capabilities to industry, solely focused on increasing customers’ manufacturing efficiency.

The company has management operations in Cincinnati and Detroit. Detroit is also the home of 5ME’s new technology center, showcasing cryogenic machining, tooling/fixturing, process development, asset monitoring and enterprise software, and embedded assistance.

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