The Life of a Machinist

So, how about a reality show web series with a mission to popularize the machining trade and attract new talent to manufacturing?? Cycle Start Show is that reality show web series that depicts the life of machinists. There are three episodes so far. Each one highlights a machinist performing an application who then shares his thoughts on the trade.

Episode 1 highlights S-3 Industries in Mississauga, where a machinist reviews the machining steps on a 3-axis machining center for a telecommunications component. Episode 2 features Signature Tool in Windsor Ontario with a look at machining a special tool made for the mold industry on a 4-axis machining center. Finally, Episode 3 shows a machinist at Rian Solutions in Brantford Ontario, going through a basic 5-axis application by drilling a compound hole in a mold component for a breath mint container.

All machinsts share their interests in the trade of machining and its future.

Check it out.