The Future Is Bright for Ford Fusion Drivers

Gary S. Vasilash

It’s not noted whether the Ford engineers shown in this photo are actually fans of Timbuk 3 or Corey Hart, but there seems to be some evidence that like players at the final table of the World Series of Poker or Kim Kardashian, sunglasses are somewhat de rigueur.

Ford Engineers Use Sunglasses To Achieve Accurate Dimensions

In point of fact, this crew had as an assignment to make sure that 95% of all sunglasses (or thereabouts) can fit in the overhead bin in the forthcoming 2013 Ford Fusion.

To accomplish this task they, yes, went out and secured all manner of shades. Then they used a laser scanner mounted on a coordinate measuring machine to digitize the actual glasses, which led to their using these models in the 3D CAD bin model. (Digital glasses fitted within the digital glasses storage container.) That way they could adjust the size of the virtual bin without having to modify physical models, which is more time-consuming and costly.

Said Sejal Shreffler, core accommodation and usage engineer at Ford, “Older sunglasses holders were designed for thin, wire-framed pairs, but fashions have evolved toward thicker, plastic shades. So we changed the bins to keep up with the trends.”