The ATS and Juke Walk into a Bar. . .

Gary S. Vasilash

This is the Cadillac ATS.

The 2013 Cadillac ATS compact luxury sedan is a new expression of Cadillac’s Art & Science philosophy, built on a foundation of quick, nimble fun-to-drive dynamics and mass efficiency. Developed on an all-new, lightweight vehicle architecture, the ATS expands Cadillac’s portfolio into a crucial global segment and creates an entry into the Cadillac brand for a new group of luxury consumers.

This is the Nissan Juke.


2013 Nissan Juke

The ATS is hailed and pretty much venerated.

The Juke is sometimes thought to have its first vowel wrong.

Here’s something interesting about the ATS and the Juke.

In 2013, 38,319 ATS models were sold.

In 2013, 38,157 Jukes were sold.

That’s a difference of just 162 units.

Who’s laughing now?