Tesla’s Road Trip

The Tesla electric Roadster is on a road trip.

The Tesla electric Roadster is on a road trip. Not just any short jaunt. Rather, on December 17, it set out from LA on its way to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show. It will travel some 2,700 miles as it wends its way there. ETA: Sometime before the January 11 start of the event.



Now while some people may scoff, knowing that the direct route between the two metros is 1,986 miles and that if someone were to drive, non-stop, at 55 mph, they’d make the trip in a day-and-a-half, not about three weeks, Telsa is cleverly taking the opportunity to expose people to the technology along the way, so they’re not pushing electrons to the max.

And here’s something that is exceedingly notable for all of you mechanical and electrical engineers who may be geeked by EVs: Tesla is also stopping at universities along the way BECAUSE IT IS HIRING MECHANCIAL AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS. That’s right: TESLA IS HIRING.

That’s more astonishing that the roady.