Serious Diesel Fuel Lines

Gary S. Vasilash

ContiTech Fluid Technology is evidently bullish on the prospects of heavy-duty diesels even in the light of Euro 6 and EPA 13, as it has installed a special production area in its plant in Karben, Germany—which represents, according to the company, “millions of Euro invested in new machinery”—that’s capable of producing 20,000 fuel lines per week for truck engines up to 16 liters.

ContiTech fuel line

The fuel lines, which meet the safety specs for use in buses, are pressure resistant to 35 bar and can withstand operating temperatures up to 130 degrees C.

The lines, which have a 15-mm ID, underwent a flame test for four hours without “significant performance loss,” and the company offers a stainless steel mesh that provides even more heat dissipation.

ContiTech is shipping half of the new fuel lines to plants in Germany and the other half to the U.S.