PPG Publishes New Electrocoat Brochure



PPG Industries’  industrial coatings business has published a new brochure detailing its electrocoat products, services and training.


The six-page booklet begins with an overview of e-coat technology, including the differences between cathodic and anodic e-coat, and the characteristics that make e-coat an efficient, economical and adaptable coating system. Two illustrations show a typical e-coat bath blend and a sample e-coat production line with a description of the coating process.


Related highlights include:


  • A chart devoted to identifying the best e-coat technologies for applications such as auto parts and accessories, heavy-duty equipment, appliances, consumer electronics, fasteners, aerospace and military equipment, and decorative and hardware finishes;


  • The “PPG Electrocoat Advantage,” which details PPG’s decades-long history with e-coat and technology-related benefits such as finish quality, product and process efficiencies, speed and productivity, and environmental friendliness;


  • A comparison between e-coat and liquid and powder coating technologies; and


  • A comprehensive chart-based review of PPG’s leading e-coat lines: the POWERCRON(R), ELECTROCOLOR(R), ELECTROTOUGH(TM), ELECTROPOLYSEAL(R), AEROCRON(TM) and ENVIRO-PRIME(R) brands.


The brochure also covers PPG’s training and support options such as the SECURE LAUNCH EXCELLENCE(TM) program for fast-tracking the development of commercial coatings and the KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE(R) training program, which encompasses customer-focused education seminars held at PPG research and development facilities.


Contact information for PPG’s regional headquarters in North America, South America, Europe and Asia are provided, along with a map showing PPG’s industrial coatings manufacturing facilities and design studios around the world.


Click HERE to download the brochure


For more information, visit www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com or call 1-888-774-2001.