Porsche Builds Green

When you think “Porsche,” you probably don’t think fuel efficiency.

When you think “Porsche,” you probably don’t think fuel efficiency.

But you probably also don’t read press releases.

It is worth noting that the “boiler plate”—the stuff that is put at the bottom of documents of various types that provide descriptions or detail exceptions or whatnot—on the bottom of news releases from Porsche includes the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of each of its vehicles.

(E.g., “Porsche 911 series: Fuel consumption, combined: 12.4–8.2 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 289–191 g/km; efficiency class: G–F)

Yes, they are that serious about sustainability.


Design of a new Porsche engine plant that is planned to open in 2016

So much so that as they begin construction of an 80-million Euro plant in Zuffenhausen, which is expected to be ready for production in early 2016, they are making sure that it meets the requirements of Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB), the German Sustainable Building Council.

They delivered a master plan for the “Werk 4” site (which measures some 69 acres and will include the new, two-story engine plant) to the DGNB and received the organization’s “Pre-Certificate in Gold” on first submission.

According to Porsche, the plan attained top marks in the rating’s ecological, technical, economic, process quality categories.

When in operation, the plant will employ approximately 400 people.