PMPA Offers Members Disaster Recovery Plan

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A little over a year ago, Superstorm Sandy forever changed many lives and destroyed  businesses on the East Coast. QS9000 requires suppliers to have contingency plans. Sometimes, natural disasters and acts of God are also in play.

PMPA offers its members operational assurance through our Disaster Recovery Plan. More than 90 member companies contacted PMPA staff as part of PMPA’s Disaster Recovery Plan. PMPA member companies stepped up during last year’s storm to offer their capabilities and open time to shops affected by the superstorm and its consequences.

Offers from “recovery shops” (shops volunteering to provide assistance) included loan of tools, gages, material and offers to run jobs while “requesting shops” dug out from the storm.

Is your shop QS 9000 registered? Do you have a documented contingency plan? PMPA member shops do. And a list of 90+ fellow shops who have volunteered aid and assistance in the past, if needed.

We hope that the only time you need to access the PMPA Disaster Recovery Plan is to pass a QS 9000 audit. But as a PMPA member, our shops know that if they should have a need, we have a plan backed by member shops like theirs waiting to make a difference.

For information regarding PMPA Disaster Recovery Plan, contact Jeff Remaley at PMPA .