Nissan Design America at Sea

Gary S. Vasilash

When you think “Nissan Design America,” you probably—and quite appropriately—go right to the 370Z or the Maxima, the Rogue or the Titan.

But catamarans?

Yes, Nissan Design America (NDA) has developed a Class A Catamaran that Matt Struble, a model realization lead at NDA, will be competing with in the 2011 Class A Catamaran World Championship which begins this Saturday in Skødstrup, Denmark. Struble was the 2009 ice boating world champion and is the current A-Cat U.S. champion.

The NDA “A-Cat,” as it is known in the boating world, was developed while Struble was training a new team of modeling specialist at NDA’s Mexicali, Mexico studio.

Nissan Catamaran

No, Nissan didn’t get its name on the sail because it bought sponsorship space. Nissan Design America designed and built the catamaran.

Not only did they design the boat, but they actually built the composite structure, as well.

“We weren’t trying to create something that already exists, but something groundbreaking. This has truly been a great experience and great project for us. This one in particular was unique because you have to create it in your mind, but also physically manufacture it and follow through. It was great for our team to see the project from start to finish,” Struble said.

And it will probably be even better if they see Struble take the championship in Denmark.