Never Forget

As we remember our veterans on July 4, also remember that some of these veterans are available talent for manufacturers.


It’s hard to believe that the Fourth of July is upon us. In denial, my mind is somewhere back around April.

As we ready the hot dogs, hamburgers and beverages needed to properly celebrate the birthday of our country, it’s important to consider and remember our veterans. As everyone involved in manufacturing is aware, there is a gap between available jobs and people with the right skills to fill them.

However, there is pool of proven talent available to manufacturers willing to tap the resource. It’s our veterans who represent a ready supply of disciplined, serious potential candidates for modern manufacturing jobs.

One organization that exists to help bring veterans and manufacturers together is Workshops for Warriors. The organization is non-profit, dedicated to training, certifying and placing veterans in manufacturing careers.

So, perhaps as the food, fireworks and celebrations die down this weekend, consider checking out this important program. You owe it to your shop to find the right people, and accessing veterans is more than the patriotic thing to do—it’s good business.

Happy Fourth of July!