NASF SUR/FIN Manufacturing & Technology Tradeshow & Conference Selects New Cleveland Convention Center

The 2014 NASF SUR/FIN show will be in Cleveland.


The National Association for Surface Finishing has announced that the 96th Annual SUR/FIN Manufacturing and Technology Tradeshow and Conference will be held at the new Cleveland Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio June 9-11, 2014.  


The conference is expected to welcome more than 1,200 convention attendees to Cleveland for an intense, three-day conference that includes industry speakers, tradeshow displays and social events sponsored by a variety of organizations within the surface finishing industry. 


Conference officials state location and new facilities as some of the reasons for selecting Cleveland. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, the new Cleveland Convention Center offers over 200,000 gross square feet of exhibit space divisible into three exhibition halls.  In addition, the 35 state-of-the-art meetings rooms, expansive loading dock area and high-tech audiovisual technologies provide the perfect turn-key amenities needed for the growing conference.


Exhibit registration for SUR/FIN 2014 is currently taking place with more than 60% of the show floor sold.  


Studies reported by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) have reported that fewer sales calls are needed to close a sale with tradeshow leads due to the impact of face-to-face visits with staff at an exhibition.  Surveys have proven that the average cost of identifying a prospect through means other than a tradeshow is more costly.  Meeting prospective customers at an exhibition versus in the field, saves a company up to $347 per lead when compared to companies who do not exhibit at industry shows. 


“We certainly agree with that study after seeing the positive response to SUR/FIN,” said conference chairman Waasy Boddison, of American Plating Power.  “NASF has remained focused on its mission for the conference and works hard to generate the highest quality exhibitors and speakers for the show.  This has proven to drive a higher quality of conference attendee and higher leads rates for exhibitors.  Close to 200 exhibit spaces have been sold already, so we’re well on track for another successful conference,” stated Boddison.


Exhibit registration for NASF’s 2014 SUR/FIN Manufacturing & Technology Tradeshow & Conference are currently underway.  Exhibit information can be obtained by visiting or by contacting or 302-436-5616.