NASF Launches Comprehensive Surface Finishing Guide


The National Association for Surface Finishing has announced the release of the much-anticipated resource for the surface coatings industry – Advanced Surface Technology.


Advanced Surface Technology is the most comprehensive reference to date for a wide range of coating and finishing applications.  The publication is both a practical guide for any professional or operation in the coatings value chain, as well as a core text for the teaching of engineers and scientists at all levels in the field of surface technology.


The two-volume hardcover set, authored by Drs. Per Moller and Lars Pleth Nielsen, contains the most current information in an understandable format and is filled with numerous easy-to-understand illustrations, charts and descriptive graphics.  It should serve as an inclusive, easy-to-use tool for finishers, suppliers, and the OEM community.


The book will also serve as the basis for future updates.  The authors aim to update the text with new information and link to additional online resources.


“We’re quite pleased to be a partner with the authors on this project,” said NASF President, Rick Delawder.  “Industrial surface finishers around the world now have a great new resource to both keep current and gain new knowledge to help benefit their companies and their customers.”  


The two-volume hardcover set is now available for purchase online through the NASF website, for $130.00 plus handling for domestic and international shipping.