More from Less at Ferrari

Can you make more by doing less?

Can you make more by doing less?

Apparently, Ferrari management not only thinks so, but are delivering on that notion in a rather big way.

Last week the company announced that it will be paying its employees a production bonus of 4,096 euro. That’s about $5,650 U.S. Or, the company calculates, about 20% of a recent hire’s annual salary. (Which just goes to show you that they may be able to build them, but they’re unlikely to be able to afford to buy them.)

F Making it in Maranello

The less part is this: Ferrari came up with a plan in 2013 to maintain its production volume to under 7,000 units per year. The objective is to maintain exclusivity and vehicle value. They’re going to be doing this into 2015.

One consequence of this strategy is a revenue increase of 5%.

It will be interesting to watch what happens next year. Will they stick to the discipline of producing exclusive cars, or will they let the proverbial floodgates open?