Moldmaking Is Active Out West

I ventured west last week to the Plastec/MD&M West event in California(conveniently missing the snow and ice storms back East) to check out the status of mold building across the country from where I reside, and I was not disappointed.

From the 75-degree weather and sunshine to the most mold builders I've seen exhibit on any show floor in the States, this event did not let me down. I met up with past and present editorial advisory board members, visited the booths of a variety of mold manufacturers, made some interesting discoveries, established some new contacts, heard some news not yet "confirmed," saw some incredible demos, learned about some unique educational initiatives and new business opportunities, and heard secondhand about a new approach to networking.

I returned home a day late--due to the nasty weather back home--but with a wealth of leads to follow up on for MMT readers. So stay tuned.

Participatng mold builders included:  Accumold, A&S Mold and DieBoucherie, Canon Mold, Cavaform, Custom Mold, Fairway Mold, Matrix Tooling, MGS MFG Group, Micromold, Minco, Mold-Tech, MR Mold, MTD MicroMolding, Nypro, Prestige MoldPyramid MoldRexam Mold, Tech Mold,Vistatek, Wisconsin Tool & Mold, X-Cell Tool, Xcentric Mold, etc.

This activity has only confirmed MMT's decision to partner with the SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) and SPI (Society of the Plastics Industry) Western Moldmakers' Division to co-locate an ameimold technical conference with the annual Mike Koebels Trade Fair in November 2014. Stay tuned for details.