MINI Bags in Various Sizes

Gary S. Vasilash

What, you may be wondering, is the purpose of this picture of an impossibly skinny guy with a stylishly skinny tie?


Well, it is that MINI, as in the vehicle, has launched a new line, not of cars, but of bags: MINI by PUMA. Yes, that is as in Puma, the company known for its shoes, primarily.

There are six bags and a wallet, all of which will be made available at dealerships and on line. And while there will be shoes available in Europe, people in the U.S. will have to make do with the luggage.

MINI Puma 2

Among the design details, there are contrasting zippers and lime green luggage tags, appliqué logos and shoulder straps that echo seatbelts.

As MINI exterior designer Marcus Syring once told us, “With the MINI design language, I could design you a coffee machine.”

And presumably, luggage.