Mercedes in the City

Gary S. Vasilash


“We will take advantage of the trend toward city vans, which our brand will be able to exploit thanks to its attractively priced vehicles and the high quality of our products and services.”

If you were asked to guess which brand is in question here, chances are good that the answer that you wouldn’t immediately come up with is Mercedes-Benz.

Yet that quote comes from Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz Vans.

The quality goes without question. “Attractively valued”?

Citan 1

Must be a matter of perspective. Although the sketches do show an attractive vehicle.

Mornhinweg was talking about a new city van that Mercedes will be launching in Q4 2012 in Europe, the Citan.

That’s a portmanteau word, a combination of city and titan. Presumably this is to signify that it has capability and capacity.

Citan 3

It will be offered as a panel van, crew bus, and mixed use vehicle. It will be offered in a variety of lengths and weight capacities. It will be offered with diesel and gasoline powertrains. And it will be offered—or at least its in the plans—as an electric drive vehicle.

The European market for vehicles of this type is on the order of 700,000 units per annum. Mercedes hopes the Citan will capture about four to five percent of the market.

Citan 2