May 2014 PM Digital Issue Now Available


Production Machining’s May Digital Edition is now available. This issue features emphasis topics of Materials and Multitasking Machines. This month’s cover story examines the effects of metallurgical structure on the machinability of aluminum. Our other feature takes a look at two young shop owners who know their share about machine tools, automation, and the critical role of new technology in business growth.

Turn to our Tech Brief section to see a point-by-point feature list of what to look for when choosing a dust and fume collector for your shop. We also present a case study of a shop that has implemented a five-sided clamping setup to significantly reduce setup time, machining time, and scrap.

This month’s Parts Cleaning section includes an additional feature article that examines the need for precision cleaning and the development and selection of solvents.

Take a look inside PM’s May Digital Edition today.