Maximizing Machinery in Medical Manufacturing

Looking for a way to get the most from your machines? Isn’t everyone? One manufacturer of orthopedic implants such as bone screws, bone plates, and replacement joints, as well as surgical instruments, is using CAM software to maximize the potential of its increasingly complex machines.

DP Technology Corp. recently posted on its website a business profile of customer FMI-Hansa Medical Products (Madison, Ala.). The company uses Esprit CAM software to program its multi-tasking machines, generating complex toolpaths. The software also allows the company to use existing geometry or surfaces to output correct code to avoid all manual calculations.

“We’re trying to achieve on-time delivery for each customer and a superior quality of parts,” says David Green, programmer and manufacturing engineer at FMI-Hansa. “The software has helped us use our machines to make parts they’re designed to make, and the simulation allows us to see what it’s going to do before it goes to the machine.”

See the video interview with Mr. Green (above, or it can also be viewed with the business profile).