Material Transformations and Moldmaking

Gary S. Vasilash

When you talk with people involved in a particular material technology (i.e., steel, aluminum, plastics), there seems to be consensus among the competitiveness that the future of automotive bodies, interiors and structures is not going to be dominated by any one material, but by a blend of materials. Each type of material will be used where it is best suited, where its particular properties fulfill the requirements.

Among the facilitators of material use, of course, are the tools and techniques that are necessary to transform them into parts and components.

BMW i3 in London

BMW i3.  Not traditional designs.  Not traditional powertrains.  Not traditional materials.

So if you’re interested in learning more about or are involved in the burgeoning deployment of things like advanced composites and structural plastics, you might want to attend the amerimold conference and expo, which is being held at the Donald E. Stephens Center in Rosemont, IL (nearby O’Hare) on June 12 to 13.

The conference program is made up of three tracks.

There’s Engineer, sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers, Moldingmaking & Mold Design Div.

Build, sponsored by the Tooling & Manufacturing Association

And Maintain, sponsored by ToolingDocs.

In the expo hall there will be a wide range of exhibitors of technology and capability, categorized into:

Cutting Tools & Tooling
CAD/CAM & Design Related Software
Mold Components
Mold Materials
Maintenance & Repair

All of which is to say, this will be the essential single point of information and resources this year for learning more about the ins and outs of molds and moldmaking.

Here’s the kicker. Because you read this, and because amerimold happens to be put on by one of our siblings, they’re offering a FREE (yes, that’s as in FREE) expo pass and a 25% conference registration if you register by going HERE.

If you have an interest in the advances related to making things with molds, attend amerimold.