Manufacturing Skills Day

Union County College in Elizabeth, New Jersey, will host a “Manufacturing Skills Day” on January 14th for all manufacturing skill stakeholders in the area--all local manufacturers, state workforce professionals, and local organizations concerned about the industrial skills shortage--as they highlight their partnership with Scientific Management Techniques (SMT) to solve the manufacturing skills shortage in New Jersey. SMT is a leader in manufacturing skills training and manufacturing skills assessments.

Union County College will have five industrial skill assessment machines on display during the presentation; the Mechanical Skills assessment machine, Electrical Skills assessment machine, PLC Skills assessment machine, Process Control assessment machine, and the CNC Skills assessment machine. SMT’s President, Mr. Stephen Berry, will demonstrate how each machine functions, discuss the assessment methodology, and describe how the assessment scores are used to predict workforce performance. “Identifying and measuring skills in the hiring process is the single most effective way to insure a quality hire in manufacturing," states Berry. “The program simplifies the hiring process, lowering both the risk and cost of hiring.”

Also on display will be many of the hands-on training aids used in SMT’s industrial skills training curriculum.

Located at the Elizabeth I. Kellogg Building on 40 W. Jersey Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey, the two-hour event will begin at 8:00 a.m. on January 14th.

If you plan to attend the event, please contact Madeline Velez at 908-965-6024 or by email at