Manufacturing Offers Debt-Free Schooling

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ITR Economist Brian Beaulieu gave an informative economic outlook for the attendees at PMPA’s Management Update Conference earlier this year.

I can share with you the one graph that should give you the confidence to find your career in advanced manufacturing (like our precision machining industry) rather than go headlong into debt for a college degree that may not have a positive return on investment.

This graph documents recent history. Going forward, we see manufacturing jobs returning to North America, as energy prices increase for the rest of the world.

We see energy access and prices improving for U.S. manufacturers as a result of the shale gas boom.

We know personally, despite the uncertainty in the market, that many shop owners are trying to add talent so they can continue to sustain their levels of production and customer service.

If going deep into debt for a degree with no return on investment is something that you are determined to do, good luck with that. If, however, you could consider the idea of learning and earning as you go, I can heartily recommend getting a start in precision machining via a local community college. It has been our experience that you will have a job before you complete a 1-year operator program, and the balance of your training and education will be sponsored in whole or part by your employer.

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Originally posted on PMPA Speaking of Precision blog.