Making More Altimas in Smyrna

Gary S. Vasilash

The Nissan plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, opened in June, 1983. In that time it has built a lot of vehicles. Cars and trucks. In 1992 it began producing the first-generation Nissan Altima sedan. Earlier this week it started production of the fifth-generation Altima sedan. Up until this week they’ve built 4.4-million units of that car.

2013 Nissan Altima Production  Begins in Smyrna, Tenn.

It is worth noting that in the mid-size sedan segment, the Altima, with 295,790 units sold in 2011, was second only to the Toyota Camry. Which meant that it outsold the likes of the Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, and Chevy Malibu.

The 5.4-million-square foot capacity Smyrna plant is nothing if not flexible. Its products include the Frontier, Maxima, Pathfinder, and Xterra. It will be building the all-electric LEAF. The next-generation Rogue will be built in the plant, having previously been imported. The annual capacity is approximately 550,000 units per year.

Manufacturing - Smyrna Plant

Think they’re busy in Smyrna?